Working on the digital side since 2005 as New Media Artist and Digital Art Director. Mainly focused on Visual Mapping, Interactive projects and Experiential campaigns.

Researching creative ways to transform ideas into tangible using the latest technologies. I´m responsible for the whole process from concept, design, implementation and the final execution of visual, interactive and creative projects. Independently or in multidisciplinary teams.

Always trying to get involved on the most innovative projects, my artistic work has been shown through different channels as museums, festivals, events, releases, online, offline publications and advertising agencies in Europe and Asia.

Since 2008 I'm living in China, first directing CORE LABS, a New Media Art Production Center in Beijing. From 2011 to 2013 working in Shanghai as Interaction Art Director at GHC & 'Galaxy Mapper' at THE NUT. And right now working full time at WIEDEN+KENNEDY Shanghai.

Some of the brands I have worked with:
Nike / Surface / Audi / The Creators Project / Gucci / Stella McCartney / Kvadrat / Red Bull Music Academy / Volkswagen / Lane Crawford / Puma / China Mobile / Zegna / Puma / SWFC / Computers Arts / Momo / Mercedes-Benz / Samsung / Toyota / Universal Music / Maybelline…and Agencies as W+K, TBWA, JWT, Auditoire, and Avantgarde among others.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at { NIHAO [@] } or { MARULALAB [@] }

Thanks for stopping by.

[Photography by Olivier Hero Dressen]

Password: aloha

Selected by The International Association of Arts Critics [AICA] as the Spanish representative artist in EEYA, where each of the 22 European countries have a participant.
Chosen in 2013 to make the first visual LED installation in the SWFC in Shanghai, the fifth tallest building in the world.

////// Contemporary Art Fair. Shanghai ////// Reina Sofia. Madrid ////// XXX Gallery. Hong Kong ////// ShongZhuang Art Museum. Beijing ////// Artsmoved. Beijing ////// The World Expo 2010. Shanghai ////// CIGE [China International Gallery Exhibition]. Beijing ////// AECID & The Nut. Shanghai ////// Kunstlerhaus. Vienna ////// CACT Center of Contemporary Art. Greece ////// Centre Européen d´art Contemporain. Brussels ////// Centrale Electrique. Brussels ////// La Casa Encendida. Madrid ////// Ceu San Pablo. Ceuta ////// Okupgraph. Pamplona ////// Caja Madrid. Madrid ////// Centro de las Artes. Sevilla ////// La Forja. Valencia ////// Facultad de BB.AA. Cuenca ////// MIDE International Electrography Museum. Cuenca.

////// ClockenFlap. Hong Kong ////// Mira! Barcelona ////// LaptopsRus. Taipei ////// The Creators Project. Beijing ////// Intro. 798 Beijing ////// Sound::Frame. Viena ////// Pechakucha. Beijing ////// Audioscope. London ////// Dali Music Festival. YunNan ////// Art & Music Festival. Manila ////// PhagOff. Rome ////// Opus Vj. Marsella ////// Observatori. Valencia ////// Futuro Inexacto. Mexico DF ////// FactorVisuals. Lisbon ////// Trivial Musik. Barcelona ////// Mívico. Pontevedra ////// Eutopía. Córdoba ////// FIVAD. Cádiz.

REAL TIME VIDEO SESSIONS with international musicians
////// Ellen Allien ////// Apparat ////// Ivan Smmaghe ////// Shin Nishimuri ////// Kiki ////// Matt Weasel ////// Future Prophecies ////// Damian Schwartz //////Jack de Marseille ////// Patrick Zigon ////// Violetta Beauregarde ////// Busy P ////// Masatoshi Uemura ////// Dominik Eulberg ////// Gregory Shiff ////// Todd Bodine ////// Robert Hood and many more.

///// Reina Sofía Museum. Madrid ///// Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, UCCA. Beijing ///// Tianjin University, Digital Media Art Department. Tianjin ///// CAFA, The Central Academy of Fine Arts. Beijing ///// Dorkbot. Beijing ///// Endanza Lugar de Creación. Sevilla ///// UGT. Barcelona

///// 90+10 Magazine. Argentina ///// Chorus & Echo. London ///// Paisajes. Spain ///// Global Times. China ///// Computer Arts. China ///// FUXYZ Magazine. Spain ///// El Pais Semanal, Mujer Hoy. Spain ///// Caixa Galicia Magazine. Spain ///// El País. Spain.

Mapping Installation in a Cloud

Mapping projection over a Cloud from Kvadrat, the Europe's leading manufacturer of design textiles from Denmark that creates high-quality contemporary textiles.

More than 300 triangles were mapped in this collaboration to take the surface to another level of light.

Brand: Kvadrat
Where: Shanghai
Agency: GHC

Concept & Creative Direction: Marula
Mapping & Technical development: Marula
Art Direction, Design & Motion Graphics: Marula
Camera, Edition & Audio: Irrecoverable
Production: GHC
Thanks: Jorgen, Sheila and GHC Team

'The Temple of Deadly Quickness'

Kids in China worship Kobe, but Nike wants to inspire them to play like him. With Deadly Quickness. To celebrate the Kobe X Shoe, we transformed a historic slaughterhouse from 1933 in Shanghai into ‘The Temple of Deadly Quickness’. An interactive testing ground that challenged players to 5 conceptual and physical tests based on real game basketball movements.


Playing with the maze structure of the old slaughterhouse we created a 15 minutes experience where between stairs, columns, corridors and through projections, sound effects, touch panels, motion sensors, floor pads, interactive lights, speed recognition and closed-circuit tv surveillance we created a fully interactive environment where kids lost the sense of time and space.

Password: aloha

Agency: W+K
Client: NIKE
ECD: Yang Yeo
Creative Directors: Terence Leong & Azsa West
Senior Art Director (Interaction, Experiential & Space): Marula
Creative Technologist: Ashley Cheung
Copywriter: Jimmy Chen
Print Art Director: Nelson Ng
Senior Designer: Kevin Lunsong
Space Design: Diego Fuertes & Evan
Digital Producer: Max Wu
Account Manager: Chuck Xu
Account Executive: Sasa Yang
Project Manager: Nicole Bee
Content Head: Bernice Wong
Content Producer: Arlene Lu
Editor: Hiro

Mapping Installation

T&G is a UK based with style salons worldwide. A permanent mapping installation was created for its new flagship salon in Xintiandi, Shanghai.
An evolutive visual experience mapped over the structure of space and changeable according to the seasons of the year.

Being in charge from the art direction, video content creation, set up, development to the technical advising.


Brand: Toni&Guy
Agency: PDM In+ernational
Production: GHC
Where: Shanghai

Concept & Creative Direction: Marula
Architectural Surface: PDM In+ernational
Mapping & Setup: Marula
Technical Advise: Marula
Motion Graphics & 3D: Marula
Postproduction: Marula
Thanks: María, Pablo & GHC Team

Hacking a typewriter

The concept for Typeself started with a thought, what if we generated people's portraits from characters?
So we broke down and hacked a typewriter to print individual letters placed individually to illustrate one's portrait.

Password: aloha

Typeself is a kind of philosophical view about self-image that refuses to follow today's throwaway digital culture, instead embracing analog, art, and craftsmanship.

Password: aloha

Concept & Art Direction: Northy Chen & Marula
Design: Sui Yao
Fabrication and Interaction: Edward Jiang & Northy Chen
Engineering: Edward Jiang & Ashley Cheung
Edition: Hiro
Thanks: W+K

Facade Visuals & Augmented Reality experience

Occasionally one’s skin can be changed to blend in and seem invisible against the surrounding environment. For this special occasion, SWFC in Shanghai signs its physical and virtual appearance as it has never been done before.

For Shanghai World Financial Center's Fifth Anniversary (the 3rd tallest building in Asia), I was selected as an artist with GHC to highlight its great presence with a site-specific installation of color kinetics. UNMIMETIC DAYS also offers an invitation for the public to participate in an adventure and reveal and experience a new perspective of SWFC’s character through Augmented Reality.

Password: aloha

Brand: SWFC
Where: Shanghai
Concept & Creative Direction: Marula
Led Visual development: Marula
Augmented Reality: Marula & Felipe Sequerra
Motion Graphics: Paul Gonzalez
Copywriter: Sara Abad
Documentation: Paul González y Martino Butti
Production: GHC
Thanks: Kenta Torimoto

A media installation created for Ermenegildo Zegna's new sunglasses collection.

Two black tables made by two 75" LCD screens arranged horizontally, transforming the table in a visual and physical surface.
On top of the screen and over realistic ice cubes and drops made by silicone, different spots were defined to place the sunglasses.
A specific video was created with motion graphics, particles, and 3D, resulting in a water display with reactions between the ice cubes, the sunglasses and the public.

Brand: Ermenegildo Zegna
What: Physical and visual installation
Where: Shanghai

Agency: The 3rd Floor
Concept & Production: The 3rd Floor
Creative Director: Marula
Motion Graphics & Technical advise: Marula
Edition, Postproduction & Color Grading: Marula
Through: GHC
Thanks: Giordano de Giuli, Sara, Pablo & GHC Team

Visual Art Direction

I was invited from Auditoire to produce and perform a visual live in a 8 meters LED screen. The idea was to implement with motion graphics the launch party of the new Fiat 500 designed by Gucci, at the 798 Space in the artistic area of Beijing.

Check the event here.

Brand: Gucci & Fiat 500
What: Real Time Visuals
Where: 798 Beijing
Agency: Auditoire

Concept & Production: Auditoire
Visual Art Direction: Marula
Screening: Divergenze by Alexi Tan,
Frieda Giannini and Olivier Zahm
Dj: Liman
Live Band: Queen Sea Big Shark
Thanks: Daniel, Sophia & David

Interactive Mapping Installation

An interactive interface was developed for this installation, allowing the user to manage a mapping projection over a 3d sculpture. Using a customized application for the iPad, the people were capable of selecting content and control the color, speed and different features of the 3d mapping surface.

Agency: GHC
What: Interactive Mapping Installation + iPad
Where: Shanghai

Concept & Creative Direction: Marula
Production: GHC
Mapping & Setting: Marula
Motion Graphics & Postproduction: Marula
3D graphics assistance: Diego Fuertes
OSC Development & App Design: Marula
Audio: Irrecoverable
Surface: Kvadrat
Thanks: Jorgen, Sheila and GHC team

Interactive Exhibition

An interactive exhibition for the European Pavilion at The Universal Exhibition 2010 in Shanghai.

Agency: AECID
Event: Influencias
Where: Shanghai Universal Exhibition 2010 [China]

Organizer: Violeta Janeiro
Concept & Production: Greenhouse Project
Design & Art Direction: Paul Gonzalez
Copywriting & Production Management: Sara Abad
Mapping Development & Technical Advise: Marula
AR Development & Technical Advise: Joan Llabata & Felipe Sequerra
Production: Pablo Aguilera

Visual Design & Motion Graphics

I was asked to create the Visual Design and Motion Graphics content for AUDI 'Progress in Design 2011' event in Beijing.
The content was displayed in real time and broadcasting during the Uma Wang Fashion Show and the whole automotive event.

Brand: AUDI
Agency: Avantgarde
Event: Progress in Design 2011
Where: Beijing

Idea & Production: Avantgarde
Showcase: Uma Wang
Visuals & Motion Graphics: Marula
Edition, Postproduction & Color Grading: Marula
Thanks: Lia, Silvia, Gerrit & CORE Labs